It is no longer acceptable to just follow the trend of thicker glasses.

Do something to slow and reduce myopia.

"Don't just chase myopia with strong glasses each year.

Control Myopia with an evidence based approach."


says  Nick Dash Optometrist.  World renowned Myopia Specialist and founder of ChildMyopia and MyopiaCare probably the first algorithm to predict and treat child myopia.

Child Myopia Clinics offers a child friendly approach with a world leading technologies with Specialist Optometrists.

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Steps to Control Myopia

Step 1   Advanced eye examination with a Child Myopia Control Specialist in association with your family Opticians.

Step 2      Vision CorrectionOptions for Myopia Control

Specialist Spectacles

Specialist designs that have been released to specialist in 2021 .

Effectiveness in the order of 50% in reducing progression*.


Specialist Soft Contact Lenses

such as NaturalVue and MiSight have achieved CE marking and seem to provide significantly better slowing of myopia and eye length.

Effectiveness up to 82% effectiveness has been achieved in many children**

Some children almost stop progressing. 


Optical Retainers 

Wearing a lens on the eye overnight and removed during the day. Similar to orthodontics for teeth can slow eye elongation and correct daytime vision.

Effectiveness 65% slowing.***

Eye drops

Using low dose atropine reduces any side effects. Only very select group of clinics have low dose Atropine (LDA). These drops can be used with vision correction methods above.

Effectiveness 60%–80% slowing or combined with Optical treatments****

Time outdoors

 modifying screen-time & behaviour recommendations as a combined strategy.

The evidence supports this strategy prior to the onset of myopia and is intuitive, if unproven, as a scientific strategy after onset.


Step 3  Optimal  Myopia Control Strategy with Combination strategies

Individualised approach offers the best management for Myopia.


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