What can be done?

Stop the 

Stretch and Stain.


Myopia progression is caused by the continued elongation of the eye and does not resolve on its own.

Continued elongation of the eye causes the eye structures to stretch.

This stretching and strain increases the risk of sight-threatening conditions such as

Macular degeneration,

Retinal Detachments,



and many non treatable eye conditions collectively known as Myopic Eye Disease.

These may cause significant vision loss during the lifetime of an individual.

Slowing the progression of eye elongation and associated myopia can be achieved by


Stop the

Stretch and Strain.


Currently, there are internationally recognised interventions for myopia. These are evidence based and where possible regulatory approved methods can be used. These include CE marked and FDA approved methods.

  • Specialist Spectacle Lenses (choosing spectacle lenses that slow myopia by uptown 55%)

  • Drugs: Atropine* (Low Dose Atropine is an internationally recognised method)

  • Optical Retainers** worn CL overnight  : More specifically Optical Retainers

  • Specialist CLs *** daily disposable contact lenses with Peripheral defocus. More specifically Naturalvue and MiSight daily disposable lenses have CE and FDA marks of approval for myopia management.



Child Myopia clinics are leading the way in customised and combined therapies. 

*     Child Myopia specialist clinics are commencing Low Dose therapies in 2021

**   Optical retainers that are worn overnight as if Night Retainers for Orthodontics

*** VTi lenses that have shown to be more than 80% efficient and in some cases stop or even reverse myopia.


Individualised programs for your child.

'The Child Myopia Philosophy'

"Customised approaches tailored to child's, 

life-style including study and play,

the eye length and shape,

and the child and parents wishes."

Intended deliver the most effective for the individual.

No two children are the same.


Enquire or book at your local clinic.

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Test the RISK Child Myopia 




A full range of services are offered.

Based on the latest research and technologies.

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